Safety Policy

We look out for the safety of our customers as well as the safety of our employees. With that said, we reserve the right to do the following:

  • Cancel any reservation when our customer’s safety or our employee’s safety is in question.
  • Not set up our equipment when our customer’s safety or our employee’s safety is in question.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

A deposit of $40 is required for all reservations that are $399 or less. A deposit of 20% of the total rental fee is required on reservations that are $400.00 or more. Reservations that are $400.00 or more are referred to as large events.

A reservation is not required to rent equipment from us. If you decide to create a reservation, you are agreeing to follow our cancellation policy listed below. We do require a valid credit card for any reservation. You can cancel your reservation as you see fit. The cancellation charges specified below will be applied to the credit card given during the time the reservation was made.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancellation of orders prior to 72 hours may be subject to a cancellation charge
  • Cancellation of orders within 72 hours of the delivery date are subject to a 50% cancellation charge
  • Cancellation of orders the day of or at the time of delivery are subject to 100% cancellation charge

* Cancellation will only be honored if done verbally through a live conversation over the phone. Voice mails, emails, text messages, tweets, or any other form of messaging is not enough to cancel a reservation.

Our inclement weather policy is as follows:

During rain, lightning, thunder, high winds, or other inclement weather, We reserve the right to cancel any reservation and/or pick up equipment rented before agreed pickup time.

If any of the above weather conditions are forecast-ed, please call us to cancel or change your reservation 72 hours before your event at no cost. Our cancellation policy goes into effect if you don’t cancel within the 72 hour grace period. There will be no refunds issued once the equipment is set up.

Order Changes

Changes to you order can be made until the final payment is due (5 days prior to your event).

Delivery Policy

You are responsible for providing a proper path to and from the delivery vehicle to the place where our equipment is to be set up. You are also responsible for providing an adequate and safe place to set up our equipment. Failure to do so will result in our company exercising our right to not set our equipment and our cancellation policy will be put in effect. Same day and/or Early/Late pickup fee’s will apply. Carry Fees and Sunday delivery fees may apply. Normal Delivery hours are between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM A minimum order of $35.00 is required for delivery.

Minimum delivery fee is $27.50

Pricing and Payment Policy

We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and AMEX. We do not accept personal checks as payment. Complete balance due must be paid 5 days prior to your event. Credit card information is required for all reservations.

Condition of Equipment

Renter certifies and acknowledges inspecting the equipment from dealer and declares that the Renter has found it to be in working order in unbroken condition at time of receipt and prior to use and suitable for use by the Renter.

Return of Equipment

Renter, upon termination of rental contract, will return rented equipment with all attachments, accessories, and parts, in the same condition the Equipment was received; ordinary wear and tear is accepted. All equipment, EXCEPT LINEN and JUMPERS, must be returned CLEAN and DRY.
A $25.00 Cleaning Fee will be added for each of the following items; Cotton Candy Machine, Popcorn Machine, Sno-Cone Machine, Propane Grill, if items are not returned in the same condition as it was received. Renter agrees a charge will be added for items requiring cleaning upon return, which Renter agrees to pay within ten (10) days of notice of charge to be placed on the charge card on file for security.

If items are missing or damaged Renter agrees to make arrangements to either return or submit payment within 72 hours.

Use of Equipment

Equipment is to be used by the Renter at the designated address listed on the Renter’s Rental Contract. The responsibility of the Equipment is remains with the lessor from the time of delivery to the time of return. Please be sure the equipment is secure when not in use and is protected from the elements.

In the event the equipment is lost or damaged Renter will pay Dealer the cost of Replacement or Repair of the Equipment at the sole discretion of the Dealer.

Long term rentals rates are available upon request.

Setup & Pick Up

Setup is available for a competitive fee, varying based on each rental item and quantity.

If you chose to rent items in lieu of the set up fee, then you are responsible for preparing items for pick up, i.e. tables and chairs must be folded and stacked. In addition, linens must be kept in a dry place.

All China, Flatware, Glassware and Serve ware should be free of food, rinsed, placed in the same containers as delivered in.

LINENS should be refuse free and dried to prevent staining and mildew. Please do not place linens in plastic bags.

Please do not use TAPE, STICKERS and or MARKER PENS on any rental equipment.